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The Alz Ass QC program FAQ

Frequently asked questions by participants of the Alz Ass QC program.

Q: What´s the time Schedule for the program?
A: Result should be sent to us three times a year February, May and October.

Q: In which format should we send data?
A: Results should be entered HERE

Q: What information do you want from our Lab more than results from QC samples?
A: Lab id, CV% of samples in analuzed in duplicats, Lot #/Exp. Date for kits, Lot # for calibrator and type of Internal control.

Q: What do you mean by Assay technical approved?
A: Were your run acceptable according to your Labs internal criterias.

Q: How should the results be presented?
A: Al results should be presented as the mean value of the samples analyzed in duplicate in pg/mL.

Q: Which Lot nr do you want and where can I find it?
A: The Lot nr for the kit that is placed on the side of kit box on all assays in this program.

Q: We are high/low compared to other Lab´s, what to do?
A: Our recommendation is to follow instructions from Kit providers. If that doesn’t help you should contact the Kit manufacturer.

Q: I have reported the wrong results what to do?
A: Enter your results again, we only save the last enterd result for each assay and round.

Q: Where should turn for more info?
A: All correspondence regarding this program should go via our E-mail address NeurochemistryLab@neuro.gu.se .

Q: How much does it cost to have samples send to us?
A: Samples are sent free of charge to participants in this program. 

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