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Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry

Part of Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology at Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg

Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry
PO Blå stråket 15, vån 3 SU/Sahlgrenska
SE413 45 Göteborg
Delivery address: Sektionskansliet: Blå Stråket 15, vån 3, SU/Sahlgrenska, 413 45 Göteborg
Visiting address: Blå stråket 15, vån 3 SU/Sahlgrenska, 413 45 Göteborg

Phone: +46 31-342 10 00

Avd-/sektionschef, inst: Henrik Zetterberg

Latest publications

Anorexia nervosa and autism: a prospective twin cohort study
Lisa Dinkler, Mark J. Taylor, Maria Råstam, Nouchine Hadjikhani, Cynthia M. Bulik et al.
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Disciplines, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Diagnostic and prognostic value of serum NfL and p-Tau181 in frontotemporal lobar degeneration.
Alberto Benussi, Thomas Karikari, Nicholas J. Ashton, Stefano Gazzina, Enrico Premi et al.
Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Cell stemness is maintained upon concurrent expression of RB and the mitochondrial ribosomal protein S18-2
M. Mushtaq, L. Kovalevska, S. Darekar, Alexandra Abramsson, Henrik Zetterberg et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Cerebrospinal Fluid 7-Ketocholesterol Level is Associated with Amyloid-beta(42) and White Matter Microstructure in Cognitively Healthy Adults
A. Iriondo, M. Garcia-Sebastian, A. Arrospide, M. Arriba, S. Aurtenetxe et al.
Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Starting lithium in patients with compromised renal function - is it wise?
Mihaela Golic, Harald Aiff, Per-Ola Attman, B. Ramsauer, S. Schon et al.
Journal of Psychopharmacology, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Further evidence for the involvement of the PPAR gamma system on alcohol intake and sensitivity in rodents
E. Domi, Ana Domi, M. Ubaldi, L. Somaini, G. Demopulos et al.
Psychopharmacology, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Maximizing Safety in the Conduct of Alzheimer's Disease Fluid Biomarker Research in the Era of COVID-19
S. E. Schindler, G. A. Jicha, P. T. Nelson, C. D. Keene, Kaj Blennow et al.
Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Journal article 2020
Journal article

Serum Hepcidin Levels in Cognitively Normal Older Adults with High Neocortical Amyloid-beta Load
P. Chatterjee, M. Mohammadi, K. Goozee, T. M. Shah, H. R. Sohrabi et al.
Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Journal article 2020
Journal article


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Name Title Phone Email
Askerup, Barbro +46 31-342 4724 barbro.askerup@gu.se
Dahlin-Ivanoff, Synneve synneve.dahlin-ivanoff@neuro.gu.se
Gillberg, Christopher christopher.gillberg@gnc.gu.se
Jacobsson, Tina tina.jacobsson@gu.se
Råstam, Maria maria.rastam@neuro.gu.se
Forsman, Anders Adjunct Professor +46 31-343 7334 anders.forsman@gu.se
Alexandersson, Elisa Associate researcher elisa.alexandersson@gu.se
Brimo, Katarzyna Associate researcher katarzyna.brimo@gu.se
Rahmati, Maryam Associate researcher maryam.rahmati@gu.se
Sandberg, Johan Associate researcher johan.sandberg@gu.se
Satir, Tugce Associate researcher tugce.munise.satir@gu.se
Tzaferou, Dimitra Associate researcher dimitra.tzaferou@gu.se
Larsson, Ragnhild Communications officer ragnhild.larsson@gu.se
Spyrou, Anna Communications officer anna.spyrou@gnc.gu.se
Askerup, Barbro Coordinator +46 31-342 2168 barbro.askerup@neuro.gu.se
Ademar, Karin Doctoral student karin.ademar@gu.se
Ahlner, Felicia Doctoral student +46 31-343 8650 felicia.ahlner@neuro.gu.se
Arvidsson Rådestig, Maya Doctoral student maya.arvidsson.radestig@neuro.gu.se
Camporesi, Elena Doctoral student elena.camporesi@gu.se
Chebli, Jasmine Doctoral student jasmine.chebli@gu.se
Dahlin, Karin Doctoral student karin.dahlin@gu.se
Danielsson, Klara Doctoral student klara.danielsson@gu.se
Dinkler, Lisa Doctoral student +46 31-342 5991 lisa.dinkler@gu.se
Gkanatsiou, Eleni Doctoral student eleni.gkanatsiou@gu.se
Göteson, Andreas Doctoral student andreas.goteson@gu.se
Joas, Erik Doctoral student erik.joas@gu.se
Kaya, Ibrahim Doctoral student ibrahim.kaya@gu.se
Koutarapu, Srinivas Doctoral student srinivas.koutarapu.2@gu.se
Landberg, Sara Doctoral student sara.landberg@gu.se
Lantero Rodriguez, Juan Doctoral student juan.rodriguez.2@gu.se
Melin, Karin Doctoral Student +46 31-343 6772 karin.a.melin@vgregion.se
Miller, Louise Doctoral student louise.miller@neuro.gu.se
Minta, Karolina Doctoral student karolina.minta@gu.se
Munise Satir, Tugce Doctoral student tugce.munise.satir@gu.se
Nilsson, Johanna Doctoral student johanna.nilsson.4@gu.se
Roselli, Sandra Doctoral student sandra.roselli@gu.se
Rydberg Sterner, Therese Doctoral student +46 31-343 8650 therese.rydberg.sterner@neuro.gu.se
Rydén, Lina Doctoral student lina.ryden@gu.se
Samuelsson, Jessica Doctoral student jessica.samuelsson@neuro.gu.se
Sarovic, Darko Doctoral student, Medical doctor +46 31-3425984 darko.sarovic@gu.se
Srikrishna, Meera Doctoral student meera.srikrishna@gu.se
Wetterberg, Hanna Doctoral student hanna.wetterberg@neuro.gu.se
Young, Peter Doctoral student peter.young@gu.se
Vindas, Marco Eu-postdoc (marie curie) marco.vindas@gu.se
Doering, Sabrina Eu-postgraduate student (marie curie sabrina.doering@gu.se
Stomberg, Rosita Laboratorieass +46 31 7863977 rosita.stomberg@neuro.gu.se
Beckman, Nils PhD Student +46 31-342 81 38 nils.beckman@gu.se
De Bejczy, Andrea PhD Student, Läkarlinjen 220 p, biomedicinsk cellbiologi 40 p, forskarskolan 5 p och forskarskolan f... +46 31-342 2160 andrea.de-bejczy@gu.se
Gislason, Thorsteinn PhD Student thorsteinn.gislason@gu.se
Larsson, Lena PhD Student

Showing 1 - 50 of 141

Showing 2421 - 2430 of 2683


Prevalence of social phobia in non-demented elderly from a Swedish population study.
B Karlsson, R Sigström, I Freden Klenfeldt, Margda Waern, Svante Östling et al.
14th AEP Symposium. 2008, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Conference paper 2008
Conference paper

Excess mortality in persons with severe mental disorder in Sweden: a cohort study of 12 103 individuals with and without contact with psychiatric services.
Dag Tidemalm, Margda Waern, Claes-Göran Stefansson, Stig Elofsson, Bo Runeson
Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health : CP & EMH, Journal article 2008
Journal article

A history of alcohol dependence/misuse in elderly suicide attempters.
Stefan Wiktorsson, Ingmar Skoog, Margda Waern
Eleventh European Suicide Symposium. Glasgow 2008, Conference paper 2008
Conference paper

Prevalence of social phobia in non-demented elderly from a Swedish population study.
R Sigström, B Karlsson, I Freden Klenfeldt, S Saciuu, Ingmar Skoog et al.
14th AEP Symposium. Dubrovnik 2008, Conference paper 2008
Conference paper

The 95? Study. The prevalence of mental disorders in 75-, 85- and 95-year olds from the same birth cohort.
A Börjesson-Hansson, Margda Waern, Ingmar Skoog
14th AEP Symposium. Dubrovnik 2008, Conference paper 2008
Conference paper

Showing 2421 - 2430 of 2683

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