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The Alzheimer's Association QC program for CSF biomarkers

The Alzheimer’s Association external quality control (QC) program aims to monitor site-to-site and batch-to-batch CSF test variation and help participating Labs to synchronize their procedures and enable them to see how their local performance of a given assay compares relative to other participant’s using the same assay. The ultimate goal is to reduce site-to-site variation, harmonize levels and pave the way for uniform cut-off levels. This external QC program comes free of charge to participating labs. Read more here.


We are happy to announce that that the Alzheimer’s Association QC program will continue as a free of charge external quality program for at least three more years thanks to the generosity of the Alzheimer's Association.


New Assay´s

It is now also possible to join this QC program using the EUROIMMUN/ADx ELISA´s Kits for Aβ 1-42, Aβ 1-40, Total tau, and INNOTEST ELISA Kit for Aβ 1-40 as well as our existing kits (INNOTEST ELISA´s, AlzBio3, MSD 6E10 V-plex) and you can find the new online report system including this new assay´s in Result reporting on left side on this page. Link´s to more info about the assy´s included you will find under Links on the lefts side of this page.
Coming summary’s will include the EUROIMMUN assays as well as the novel Cobas Aβ 1-42 Assay that we hope will be commercially available in the near future.


Alzheimer’s Association QC program report form goes online.

Beginning with the result reporting for the first round of 2015 the way to report your results will change. In an effort to simplify reporting and data handling we have decided to use a web based report system were all participants’ login and fill-in results online. More info o about this, links and passwords will come before the first round of 2015.


Alz Ass QC program News

The online report-form will be closed the 1st of April!

It is soon time to summarize the results from the February round (samples 2015-17A, 2015-17B and QC-L 2011) of the Alzheimer's Association QC program for CSF biomarkers.

The online report-form will be closed the 1st of April, and after that it will not be possible to report or change your results.
Click HERE for result reporting!

The online report-form will be open again in the beginning of May for reporting the results from round 18 (samples 2015-18A, 2015-18B and QC-L 2011)

Göteborg 2015-03-25

New report system for the first round of 2015

We have now open a trail version of the new report system that will be used for the coming rounds in the AA QC program. Please try it out here and leave us your feedback at NeurochemistryLab@neuro.gu.se.

The trial version will be open until the end of January and no data entered until than will be saved.
In the beginning of February all participants will receive a password for the finalized version and after that only real data should be entered in to the report system.
You can find the online report form HERE.

Göteborg 2015-01-13


Third round for 2014 

It is soon time to analyze the October samples (2014-16A, 2014-16B and 2011 QC-L). Please use the new report form version 4.0 when reporting results. Note that if you use the EUROIMMUN/ADx Kits you need to use version 4.0 of the report form .
Download the report forms HERE.

Göteborg 2014-09-19


Worksheets for the new INNOTEST kits with ready to use calibrators can be found HERE.

Göteborg 2014-05-06



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